Soal Pilihan Ganda PAT/UKK Bahasa Inggris Kelas 8 SMP/MTs + Kunci Jawabannya

Soal Pilihan Ganda UKK/PAT Bahasa Inggris Kelas 8 SMP/MTs + Kunci Jawabannya

Jawablah soal-soal berikut ini dengan memilih huruf A, B, C, atau D pada jawaban yang benar dan tepat!

Choose the correct answer.

Pilihlah jawaban yang benar!

Bacalah cerita di bawah ini (Untuk menjawab Soal No. 1 - 5)! 

My worst experience happened on an airplane about five years ago. I flew from Medan to Balikpapan. When the plane took off, the wind was blowing, and it was raining hard. I was a little nervous. The plane was all right for about 30 minutes. I listened to the music on the airplane’s radio. Many people talked. The stewardesses served drinks to the passengers. Suddenly,a lighting struck one of the engines. The plane dropped rapidly. Some people screamed, and the stewardesses fell. My heart beat very fast. I thought I was going to die. But after about 30 seconds, the pilot was able to start another engine. We landed safely. But, I will never fly again when the weather is bad.

1. The writer writes the text to tell the readers ….

A. his feeling about flying in a bad weather

B. why he was afraid of flying in the bad weather

C. how the plane was broken in a bad weather

D. the effect of the bad weather on the flying plane

Kunci Jawaban: A

Secara keseluruhan, teks tersebut menceritakan tentang perasaan penulis ketika terbang dalam kondisi cuaca buruk.

2. What was the cause of the plane problem?

A. A careless pilot.

B. A bad weather.

C. A bad plane

D. A broken engine

Kunci Jawaban: D

Penyebab masalahnya adalah kerusakan mesin yang rusak karena tersambar petir.

3. How was the pilot?

A. Skillful.

B. Wise.

C. Simple.

D. Thoughtful

Kunci Jawaban: A

Digambarkan pilot tersebut sangatlah terlatih karena dapat mengatasi masalah di tengah badai. 

4. The plane could fly again….one of the engines of the plane was struck by lightning.

A. so

B. although

C. because

D. but

Kunci Jawaban: B

Kata penghubung yang tepat adalah “although”, walaupun, karena dua pernyataan bertentangan.

5. What did the writer feel in the end?

A. He did not want to fly again in a bad weather.

B. He wanted to fly again anytime.

C. He did not want to fly anytime.

D. He wanted to use a ship to go to another city.

Kunci Jawaban: A

Di dalam akhir cerita dinyatakan bahwa penulis tidak ingin terbang lagi dalam kondisi cuara yang buruk

Bacalah cerita di bawah ini (Untuk menjawab Soal No. 6 - 10)! 

I have got a funny experience last Sunday. It happened when I went to the mall with my younger brother. That day, my brother and I went to the mall near our house. I wanted to buy a Tshirt. We left home after lunch. It was very crowded at mall because it was Sunday. Many teenagers hanged out there. We entered one of the fashion stores. I went to the T-shirt counter and selected the one that I was interested in. Suddenly, my brother saw one of his friends and he said he wanted to talk to him. I let my brother go and asked him not to go too far.

After paying for the shirt, I looked for my brother. I got a little bit angry because I couldn’t find him easily. I went out of the store and looked for him everywhere. Finally, I saw the back of a boy with a T shirt like the one my brother wore. I came to that boy and pulled the shirt from behind. But that boy cried out. And when he turned around, I was so embarrased as he was not my brother.

6. When did it happen?

A. Last Saturday

B. Last Sunday

C. Last Monday

D. Last Tuesday

Kunci Jawaban: B

Di dalam awal cerita disampaikan bahwa cerita berlangsung pada hari Minggu yang lalu.

7. The text tells us about … experience.

A. A thrilling

B. An embarrassing

C. A happy

D. A terrible

Kunci Jawaban: B

Secara keseluruhan, isi teks bercerita mengenai pengalaman memalukan penulis.

8. The writer’s brother might feel ….

A. happy hanging out with friends

B. bored waiting for his sister choosing the T-shirt

C. interested in joining his friend choosing shirt

D. lonely staying at the mall

Kunci Jawaban: B

Saudara laki-laki tersebut mungkin merasa bosan menunggu penulis memilih T-Shirt.

9. The writer pulled out the wrong person’s T-shirt because the writer might be….

A. happy

B. impatient

C. dissapointed

D. worried

Kunci Jawaban: D

Penulis menarik T-shirt seseorang yang salah mungkin dikarenakan ia merasa khawatir kehilangan saudara lakilakinya

10. What will the next story be about? The writer ….

A. looked for her brother

B. got angry with her brother

C. left home without her brother

D. was sorry for her mistake

Kunci Jawaban: a

Kemungkinan cerita berlangsung dengan sang penulis mencari kembali saudara laki-lakinya.

Bacah teks lirik lagu di bawah ini (Untuk menjawab Soal No. 11 - 15)! 

I Believe I Can Fly

Written and Performed by R. Kelly

I used to think that I could not go on

And life was nothing but an awful song

But now I know the meaning of true love

I'm leaning on the everlasting arms

If I can see it, then I can do it

If I just believe it, there's nothing to it

I believe I can fly

I believe I can touch the sky

I think about it every night and day

Spread my wings and fly away

I believe I can soar

I see me running through that open door

I believe I can fly

11. What is the song about?

A. Confidence to face the fears.

B. The birds who learn to fly.

C. Life is an awful song.

D. Running through the open door.

Kunci Jawaban: A

Keseluruhan isi lagu berisi mengenai kepercayaan diri seseorang dalam menghadapi semua ketakutan dan kekhawatiran.

12. What did the writer feel at the beginning?

A. The writer was brave

B. The writer thought he could not do anything

C. The writer felt he could fly

D. The writer could touch the skysky

Kunci Jawaban: B

Pada awal lagu diceritakan bahwa penulis merasa takut untuk melakukan banyak hal

13. What did the writer feel at the end?

A. The writer could face his fear

B. The writer could fly.

C. The writer could touch the sky.

D. The writer could spread his wing.

Kunci Jawaban: A

Pada akhirnya, diceritakan bahwa penulis dapat mengalahkan ketakutannya

14. Which one is a past verb?

A. Fly.

B. Touch.

C. Could.

D. Know.

Kunci Jawaban: C

Satu-satunya pilihan yang merupakan kata kerja dalam bentuk lampau adalah “could” yang merupakan bentuk lampau dari “can”

15. Which one is a noun?

A. Believe.

B. Can.

C. Fly.

D. Wings

Kunci Jawaban: D

Satu-satunya pilihan yang merupakan kata benda adalah “wings” – sayap. Sedangkan pilihan lainnya merupakan kata kerja.

Bacalah teks lirik lagu berikut ini (Untuk menjawab Soal no. 16 - 20)! 

You've Got A Friend

Written and Performed by Carole King

When you're down and troubled,

And you need some love and care,

And nothing, nothing is going right

Close your eyes and think of me,

And soon I will be there

To brighten up even your darkest night.

You just call out my name

And you know wherever I am

I'll come running to see you again

Winter, spring, summer or fall

All you have to do is call

And I'll be there

You've got a friend

16. What is the theme of the song lyrics?

A. Family.

B. Spirit.

C. Interest.

D. Friendship.

Kunci Jawaban: D

Tema yang sesuai dengan isi lagu tersebut adalah persahabatan

17. Who is this song for?

A. A mother.

B. A friend.

C. A brother.

D. A cat.

Kunci Jawaban: B

Lagu tersebut ditujukan untuk seorang teman.

18. What is the message of the song?

A. When we are sad, we can call our friend.

B. Closing our eyes cannot solve our problems.

C. We do not need love and care.

D. A friend will come in summer.

Kunci Jawaban: A

Pesan yang dapat diperoleh dari lirik tersebut adalah kita dapat menghubungi teman kita ketika sedang merasa sedih

19. Which one is a adjective?

A. Friend.

B. Call.

C. Fall.

D. Darkest.

Kunci Jawaban: D

Kata yang merupakan kata sifat adalah “darkest”, paling gelap

20. Which one is a noun?

A. Close.

B. Need.

C. Summer.

D. Call.

Kunci Jawaban: C

Kata yang termasuk kata benda adalah “Summer”, Musim Panas.

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